Week 11 2023

Women's History Month

The month of March represents a lot of things for people. For some, it's the time of year when the snow starts to melt and the time changes.  Even though we are still slogging thru the slush in Arco we know spring is just around the corner!   The days are getting longer and warmer and in just a few weeks we will be in full swing at Mountain View.  March is also a time to celebrate all things Irish and St. Patrick's Day.  And occasionally Easter even makes an early appearance near the end of the month.    But for half the population, March (AKA Women’s History Month) is a time to reflect on women and just how far we have come.  As a Gen Xer female its pretty remarkable for me to see just how much things have changed since my late grandmother was a girl.  Although she was a strong and independent woman, it would have never crossed her mind to do the things that are just second nature to me....traveling alone, focusing on building a career rather than raising a family, and most recently purchasing and running my own small business.

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Week 10 2023

Spring Thaw

Spring can't get here soon enough...at least for everyone but our dog Olive! We are thankful for the snow because we know it will make for a beautiful spring...BUT we are definitely ready to see it go. 

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